Before dawn, bed is my nemesis

I am muslim and currently living in Taipei, where many people don’t understand Islam. The way people think about Islam is of course thru the believer’s behavior, as simple as that. I cannot simply say muslim pray 5 times a day, we do fasting the whole month in Ramadhan, we don’t eat pork nor drink alcohol, etc. Moreover, I need to prove it in action, which is difficult sometimes.

In Taipei, most foods are tempting. Try to imagine spicy crispy chicken, crabs and corn crepes stalls along the night markets. But in the end you can’t try it all cause the seller use pig oil stuff. Arrgggh. Or when you go to school cafetaria where one side of buffet offer veges and the other side (which you can’t pick) offers many kinds of protein you dream of. So…..heart breaking. It all difficult to face, but I must prevail not to choose ’em, as a muslim.

The other one is praying. A muslim should do five times prayer a day, it is muslim identity. For many people morning prayer (at dawn) is the most difficult one since many people oversleep that time. For me, I’m not alarm-type person, when I have a deep sleep most of time 😀 . Therefore, better waiting for dawn, do two rakaat prayer and sleep soundly.

Living in a minor-number-of-muslim country does increase my awareness of my identity for being a muslim. Above that, I wanna be a good and representative one, inshaAllah.


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