Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival

Sky lantern festival is a-must-see festival in Taiwan. This ancient festival is held annually, in the first full moon of the lunar year. Looking those photos in friends facebook pages made me eager to go there too. Well, last week I went there  with friends. It was in Shifen, up in the hill.

We took MRT brown line to Taipei zoo, then continued by bus. When we arrived at Taipei zoo, there was a lot of people lined up for the bus. That’s why we took shorter queue, but we should stand up in the bus along the way. No problem I guess.  As soon I hopped on the bus, I regret it. Because it was uphill and winding road. Thanks God, I didn’t puke. Better took train, I suggest.

After about 40 minutes later, we arrived at the location. It was so crowded. There were a lot people got off the buses. But perfect weather, no rain.

In this festival, people wrote their wishes in a lantern. Then flew it in the sky.  The color of the lantern has its meaning:

  • Red for health and safety.
  • Yellow for wealth.
  • Blue for carrier.
  • Purple for wisdom.
  • White for future.
  • Orange for love and marriage.
  • Green for luck and prosperity.
  • fuchsia for relation with others.
  • and pink for happiness.

We bought a red lantern, about 1.5 meter length and it cost NTD 100.
Then gently wrote down our wishes using a brush, which made it so meaningful.

After getting a perfect spot, we flew it. It flew beautifully up to the sky. Higher and higher in the sky, together with hundreds of lantern it beautify the sky like bright stars. Gorgeous.

That day we were fortunate to see a huge lantern flew up. About 10 meters length, I guess. Mr. President also came to wrote down the wish for Taiwan.
Cool experience.

Going home is not as easy as coming, it was so so so crowded, we were trapped in the middle of hundreds of people, jammed. and sometimes a lantern fell off above us, hahaha. Little bit scary but funny moment. Finally we could thru it. All the pain was paid when I got a nice seat in the bus and slept until the bus stopped.

Sky lantern festival, really must-see event.


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