Eat, Play and Laugh

Final exam is around the corner.
Some people have written exams, some other have project, even have both.
Whatever it is, we must be in a very good mood. So we can absorb the knowledge well, its just my judgement, but in fact it help me much.

There are some things I like to do to boost my mood. First, just doing common things appreciatively. Like walking, cycling around, shopping, grabbing food, etc. Just common occasion is enough. Since healing fresh air is one of mood boosting technique ^^.

Second one is food. Some people believe that good quality of food can make us happier. I also believe it, but having meal without partner is not enough. We need someone else.

Therefore the next is having chit chat with someone else. Friends, family, spouse, kids… just talking about small things, jokes, laugh together. Refresh our mind from everything, for a moment.

These days, all I say above is not complete without the core ingredient; taking pictures. It is simple yet effective way. Everybody likes it.

Today, me and some of my roomies go outside to grab meal. We’d like to eat Indonesian food, so we decide to visit nearest Indonesian food stall. We talk about funny things, laughing, taking pictures along the way.

Now, belly is full. Smiling face is on. Satisfied with bunch of photos.
It’s time to open the book, open laptop, start studying and making projects.
Hope for the best for the exams!!. Aamiiin.

Here is some photos I take, enjoy.
Eat, Play And Laugh Slideshow Slideshow 

Back sound: Jay Chou – Hao Jiu Bu Jian (Long Time No See).


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