Apporange Fruit Salad

Apporange_fruit_salad_licha_textHaving breakfast is important, since it will supply energy for our activity. I can’t agree more. But, sometimes I just don’t have time to prepare my own breakfast, either because of busy morning or simply lazy to even buy it (not a good example for kids :D).

I got sick easily lately. I think because I don’t have meal on time or just have one a day, drink less water,  don’t eat much fruit and veggies…that’s why my body got weaker. Hmm, fair enough.

So, I pay more attention to my body since then. For today’s breakfast, I don’t do rice as usual and try to make fruit salad, instead.

I name it Apporange fruit salad since the main ingredients are Apple and Orange.  The complete ingredients are (what I have in refrigerator, actually):

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Watermelon
  • Jelly
  • Mayonnaise
  • Honey

To make this fruit salad is effortless :D, what I need to do is

  • cut all of the fruits and jelly into smaller pieces
  • plating ’em beautifully 🙂
  • add some mayonnaise and honey on top of it.

In merely couple of minutes, Viola! tasty Apporange fruit salad is ready to be served 🙂


Before dawn, bed is my nemesis

I am muslim and currently living in Taipei, where many people don’t understand Islam. The way people think about Islam is of course thru the believer’s behavior, as simple as that. I cannot simply say muslim pray 5 times a day, we do fasting the whole month in Ramadhan, we don’t eat pork nor drink alcohol, etc. Moreover, I need to prove it in action, which is difficult sometimes.

In Taipei, most foods are tempting. Try to imagine spicy crispy chicken, crabs and corn crepes stalls along the night markets. But in the end you can’t try it all cause the seller use pig oil stuff. Arrgggh. Or when you go to school cafetaria where one side of buffet offer veges and the other side (which you can’t pick) offers many kinds of protein you dream of. So…..heart breaking. It all difficult to face, but I must prevail not to choose ’em, as a muslim.

The other one is praying. A muslim should do five times prayer a day, it is muslim identity. For many people morning prayer (at dawn) is the most difficult one since many people oversleep that time. For me, I’m not alarm-type person, when I have a deep sleep most of time 😀 . Therefore, better waiting for dawn, do two rakaat prayer and sleep soundly.

Living in a minor-number-of-muslim country does increase my awareness of my identity for being a muslim. Above that, I wanna be a good and representative one, inshaAllah.

Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival

Sky lantern festival is a-must-see festival in Taiwan. This ancient festival is held annually, in the first full moon of the lunar year. Looking those photos in friends facebook pages made me eager to go there too. Well, last week I went there  with friends. It was in Shifen, up in the hill.

We took MRT brown line to Taipei zoo, then continued by bus. When we arrived at Taipei zoo, there was a lot of people lined up for the bus. That’s why we took shorter queue, but we should stand up in the bus along the way. No problem I guess.  As soon I hopped on the bus, I regret it. Because it was uphill and winding road. Thanks God, I didn’t puke. Better took train, I suggest.

After about 40 minutes later, we arrived at the location. It was so crowded. There were a lot people got off the buses. But perfect weather, no rain.

In this festival, people wrote their wishes in a lantern. Then flew it in the sky.  The color of the lantern has its meaning:

  • Red for health and safety.
  • Yellow for wealth.
  • Blue for carrier.
  • Purple for wisdom.
  • White for future.
  • Orange for love and marriage.
  • Green for luck and prosperity.
  • fuchsia for relation with others.
  • and pink for happiness.

We bought a red lantern, about 1.5 meter length and it cost NTD 100.
Then gently wrote down our wishes using a brush, which made it so meaningful.

After getting a perfect spot, we flew it. It flew beautifully up to the sky. Higher and higher in the sky, together with hundreds of lantern it beautify the sky like bright stars. Gorgeous.

That day we were fortunate to see a huge lantern flew up. About 10 meters length, I guess. Mr. President also came to wrote down the wish for Taiwan.
Cool experience.

Going home is not as easy as coming, it was so so so crowded, we were trapped in the middle of hundreds of people, jammed. and sometimes a lantern fell off above us, hahaha. Little bit scary but funny moment. Finally we could thru it. All the pain was paid when I got a nice seat in the bus and slept until the bus stopped.

Sky lantern festival, really must-see event.

Eat, Play and Laugh

Final exam is around the corner.
Some people have written exams, some other have project, even have both.
Whatever it is, we must be in a very good mood. So we can absorb the knowledge well, its just my judgement, but in fact it help me much.

There are some things I like to do to boost my mood. First, just doing common things appreciatively. Like walking, cycling around, shopping, grabbing food, etc. Just common occasion is enough. Since healing fresh air is one of mood boosting technique ^^.

Second one is food. Some people believe that good quality of food can make us happier. I also believe it, but having meal without partner is not enough. We need someone else.

Therefore the next is having chit chat with someone else. Friends, family, spouse, kids… just talking about small things, jokes, laugh together. Refresh our mind from everything, for a moment.

These days, all I say above is not complete without the core ingredient; taking pictures. It is simple yet effective way. Everybody likes it.

Today, me and some of my roomies go outside to grab meal. We’d like to eat Indonesian food, so we decide to visit nearest Indonesian food stall. We talk about funny things, laughing, taking pictures along the way.

Now, belly is full. Smiling face is on. Satisfied with bunch of photos.
It’s time to open the book, open laptop, start studying and making projects.
Hope for the best for the exams!!. Aamiiin.

Here is some photos I take, enjoy.
Eat, Play And Laugh Slideshow Slideshow 

Back sound: Jay Chou – Hao Jiu Bu Jian (Long Time No See).

International Muslim Culture Exhibition 2011

1st IMCE -2011

IMCE is the 1st exhibition in NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) which will show Muslim cultures from around the world and cover for 6 topics:

1. Science and Technology
2. Food and Beverages
3. Annual event
4. Muslim History in Taiwan
5. Woman in Islam
6. Muslim Daily Life

The purpose of this event is to introduces the unique cultures of Muslim and increase understanding among different cultures to create peace and harmony.

The exhibition will be held on:  November 22nd – 23rd, 2011 (11 AM – 4 PM).

Venue: 1st Floor of International Building, NTUST, Taipei.

Everyone is welcomed.

Feel free to join us with your family and friends.

Free entry and free Persian food (Biryani) for everyone.
Don’t miss it! ^^


Supported by:


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taipei, Taiwan



Forum Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia di Taiwan


Chinese Muslim Association 

How do people face their problems?

One of my favorite reality TV shows is The Amazing Race. Here, people had a chance to tour around the world with their partners, did some awesome challenges and won a million bucks. Wow, exciting right? Because of that, the race was very tense and the true color of each person would be revealed. Recently I watched again some seasons and I like to see how people face their problems.

In season 3 for the example, when teams were in Morocco and they had to drove themselves in a car to reach destination point (You can check in Youtube for Season 3 episode 5). Some teams ran out of gas, then they dropped in a gas station.  Actually they need to fill the car with diesel. It was what they don’t know. 


 First and second team check the label in gas tank first, then filled with diesel. (Ok problem solved, good job). The other four teams assumed that it wasn’t diesel, so they took gasoline instead of diesel. Let’s name them team A, B, C and D. After moving some time, about 1 o’clock in the morning, the engine died. And here are what they reacted.. 

 Team A assumed maybe they mistook the gas and check the label in gas tank. After that they went to a gas station nearby, asked for hose then used it  to pull out the gas. Then using  jerry can, they fill diesel into it. The engine started, and they back on the race. (I gave ’em standing applause because the didn’t give up and they’re oldest team in the race).


Knowing their engine off, Team B panic, they didn’t know what to do and cried helplessly in the roadside. (They didn’t try to fix their own problem).  Some minutes (maybe hours) later a police came and helped them to get the substitute car. (They back on the race but it was a luck).


Facing same situation as the other two teams above, team C out of the car and walked to gas station, ask for help and finally they found a mechanic and had him fixed the car. Yippie, they’re on the race again. (They faced a problem which they didn’t know how to fix, and asked for help from the expert).

 Team D also didn’t know what to do. Unlike others, fortunately they stopped near a hotel. Guess what they do next. Yep, they booked a room, enjoyed meals and call the mechanic the next morning. (Hmm, what do you say? me, just shake my head… unbelievable).

Well, anything could happen in this race, from the first to the last, even from zero to hero. In the end of this episode, team D was eliminated because they’re the last team to arrive at the pit stop.

See, just a simple problem, fill the gas tank, can made a big issue and failure. What I learn from each team when we face a problem:

First we need a clear mind to analyze what is the problem carefully and how to deal with it. Just like first and second team, they took the right gas and minimized another problem to arise.

Second, we need to stay calm, do not panic. Then identify what’s going on and do the best we could to solve the problem (if we have experience about it). Just like team A. Otherwise, we should ask for help from others, don’t just sit silently, just like what team B did.

Third, luck can happen to anyone. But it is not always come when we’re in trouble. Still, we need to struggle, try, ask, learn, do everything we can a.k.a give the best shot.

Fourth, don’t mistakenly treat good fortune that comes to us or we’ll be very very very disappointed. Just like team D.

After all, I like this show even more…….